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Who we are

MONDIAL MARMI LTD is part of a business group built on core values of integrity and customer-centricity. We address client needs by combining history & tradition with decades of experience to provide a host of products and services that add value to construction projects worldwide. 

We are a group of specialized companies working in collaboration to provide a unique set of services. 

MONDIAL MARMI SRL has been serving its customers since 1957, established by the traditional Tini family of Umbria. Today, the company is one of the leading Italian brands meeting client needs with its impeccable service, catering to a wide variety of highly specialized natural stone projects, with a special focus on luxury interiors. The head office in Perugia (Italy) is located within the processing plant which is equipped with a state-of-the-art production line that includes among its capabilities: CNC, waterjet, and honeycomb technologies. In addition, the company has two locations in Carrara (Italy), and collaborations in Brazil and the USA.  

MONDIAL MARMI LTD was established in 2009 in Dubai, by Furat Al Yassin, the founder and acting Managing Director of the company. It has since moved to London (UK) maintaining a team across the globe (UAE, China, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines), and a presence in over twenty countries worldwide in various capacities. This company specializes in large scale residential and commercial projects, and has added value to prestigious developments across the Middle East and Asia (see Portfolio).

The key to the success of our group is a deep conviction in our values, which forms a solid foundation on which we have built a diverse and dynamic team; one which enjoys a strong technical background and a solid commitment to customer service. This team and our experience, coupled with our vast sourcing ability and diligent quality control mechanisms, have made us a very reliable long-term partner for many of our customers worldwide. 

What we do: 

Our companies provide a host of services. We specialize in luxury bespoke projects, i.e.  private yachts, villas, branded outlets; and large scale commercial projects i.e. condominium developments, hotels, shopping malls. Over the years, our companies have built and acquired internal capabilities (global product sources, human resources, and assets), to enable us to produce and deliver such projects on time and as per approved specifications. 

In addition to the services, we offer a wide range of products that meet any commercial and/or technical requirement and specification. Our product offering includes natural stones in wide varieties (marble, granite, limestone, travertine, onyx) and high-quality engineered solutions (porcelain, quartz, compressed stones).  

Where we do it:

MONDIAL MARMI SRL services clients primarily in the USA and parts of Europe (a special focus on Italy and Russia). MONDIAL MARMI LTD services clients in the Middle East and South East Asia with an outlook to expand into Africa & Latin America.