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Azul Macaubas Quarry

We are one of three companies worldwide that have exclusivity on the exotic blue granite in Italy named Azul Macaubas (Blue from Macaubas, Brazil). However, we are the oldest of the three in this quarry, with a history of over 25 years visiting it on a regular basis, sometimes monthly.

The quarry stretches a few KM long, and what is unique about it is that only the outer part of it is blue (valuable) while if we dig a few meters into the mountain, the stone turns gray and is not useful anymore. So, we literally peel the mountain for blue blocks as we go along.

In addition to its beautiful and unique character, Azul Macaubas is one of the strongest types of granite and as well, has a unique character with a beautiful natural variation. Blocks can be cut in two ways. In the direction of the vein, “vein-cut”, and this is the most common method. Or, against the vein, “cross-cut”, in which case the slab can look like an artist portrait.