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Control-Range & Dry Lay – Singapore

This is a snapshot into our Singapore projects, which are always characterized by three main features: big quantities to supply, strict standards, demanding delivery schedules.

We’ve predominantly supplied high-end condo residential projects in Singapore. One of the main popular stones for such projects is Desert Pearl from Oman, usually supplied in tiles sizes 600x300mm and 600x600mm.

The Singaporean material approval system is such that for each unit in the building, there needs to be a ‘dry-lay’ at a facility before delivery to site. The dry-lay is inspected by representatives from the developer, designer, and contractor offices. The stones in the dry-lay are compared against the approved control-range of samples (with comments) which is signed off by the consultant at the start of the project. This control-range is always available at the dry-lay site for reference during the inspection.

As suppliers, we also keep another control-range set at the factory for reference during production. The produced material is then inspected against this reference before shipment. Therefore, the material supplied goes through multiple levels of inspection before finally being delivered to site for installation.

The ability to follow the Singaporean model is challenging, only a handful of companies are able to consistently succeed on long term basis. Our projects portfolio in Singapore speaks for itself!