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Discovery Primea

This is a 5-stars condominium project in Manila, Philippines, is located at the famous Ayala Avenue in the Makati business district.

We were initially contacted to consult on material proposals. At that stage there was a show flat designed and executed by the client, and they wanted suggestions on materials that could achieve the aspired concept on time and on budget. The main spec was a white marble from Italy which was going to be used in all bathrooms. Approximate qty was over 20,000m2 of finished product.

We did our research in Italy, evaluating all available options keeping in mind the client’s mandate. We then called a meeting in Manila in which all stakeholders were present (client, architect, contractor, fabricator). We presented our proposal with a range of photos and control samples, and explained the entire process, once again, providing as much information as possible in order to set the expectation correctly.

The next step was a mock up in Italy, in which we had a display of blocks, polished slabs, and finished tiles dry-laid in groups, each representing a particular shade and characteristic that represented the natural variation of the material. The client approved the material and signed off on the control samples.

Production started, and our QC system and reporting was as impeccable as usual. We visited the site at various stages of the project to gage progress and evaluate all aspects of the operation.