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Private Yacht – Italy

Mondial Marmi is a trusted partner of some of the most important Yacht interior designers in Italy. At any given moment, the company always has ongoing yacht projects. All such projects are turn-key, meaning we work with the designers starting from specification stage and all the way to handover. We produce, supply, and install the material. We have a dedicated team specialized in these types of projects. After material approval, the designers usually require a very high-quality set of drawings. For this we have a special team that produces 3D rendered images of the actual material selected and installed.

The quality of work here is unparalleled. We rely heavily on the production side on CNC, waterjet, and most importantly on ‘honeycomb’ technology. The latter technology is a process where we cut a thin layer of the stone (4mm) and glue it on top of an aluminum honeycomb sheet. The aim is to reduce the weight of the stone without compromising its durability, and this is a common requirement for yacht projects (weight reduction).

Less than a handful of companies in Italy can handle this level of work. We are one of them!