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Solaire Sky Tower

Sky Tower was part of Phase 2 of Solaire Resort & Casino. This was a challenge for us. And I must say our service here was quite unique.

We were contracted to supply white onyx slabs that was going to be produced into guest room vanity tops by a local fabricator. This particular white onyx comes from Iran and the challenge was that almost no Iranian company could supply the finished material (slabs) according to the quality required by the client. Some Italian companies had the product in stock, but at excessively high prices, which did not suit the client’s budget.

We decided to “look east” to China. Our country manager there, Ms. Rita Tang, searched extensively, and finally found the main importer of Iranian white onyx from this particular quarry. We then acquired the right quality of blocks and contracted a processing plant specialized in high-quality production of such types of materials. We had agreed on specific parameters with this factory, such as: thickness tolerance, specification of epoxy used to polished the slabs (made in Italy), likewise for the back net of the slabs, export wooden bundles for packing including nylon sheets to separate all slabs. Most importantly, we agreed to have a full-time engineer at site during production to perform the QC, with the right to reject any material which didn’t conform to the approved selection.

Production started accordingly, and our engineer did a tremendous job in controlling the quality and reporting to us, under the supervision of our own Ms. Rita.