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The St. Regis Abu Dhabi

This is a prestigious hotel project in Abu Dhabi UAE. When we were approached by the client, there was a wide range of materials already approved, mostly from Italy.

Our challenge was to make 1 mock-up in which we can display all the approved materials and convince the client that we can supply all of them. There was one other challenge. One of the approved materials was a “gray” marble that came from a “yellow” quarry. This was a small portion of the famous Giallo Siena quarry (yellow of Siena, Italy). So at the mock-up we displayed a polished slab of the typical Giallo Siena but one which had a gray portion, to prove it comes from the same quarry. We then displayed a full block from the quarry that was all gray, to show that we can actually supply the material, and not only display it as a small portion of a yellow slab.

We concluded the mock up inside our warehouse with an authentic Italian espresso!